Liana Chaouli

Speaker, Author, International Expert  & Founder of Image Theraphy

Image Therapist, Couture Designer, Executive Director of Image Therapists, Intl., and Internationally recognized Speaker
Liana Chaouli, has spent two decades advising CEO’s, celebrities and political figures on matters of personal style and image. As an Image Therapist, she works closely with Entertainment Industry executives and celebrities with both their personal and award show wardrobes. Ms. Chaouli is a “go-to” expert for numerous news sources as an image and personal stylist and appears on major TV and radio shows. She authors articles in national and regional journals, addresses corporate groups, associations, and trade conventions on the impact of image and style on individual and corporate performance.
Speaking Topics
Presenting the Authentic You
Ideal for Speakers, Trainers and Facilitators

In this presentation your audience will learn:
The power of creating a purposeful presence.
How to balance professional and personal style.
How to dress your body in a way that allows your 
audience to walk away with a greater understanding of who you are.

Millionaire Style
Ideal for Entrepreneurs and those committed to standing out from the crowd. Gain a high level understanding on how to up level who you are. Liana covers everything from clothing to etiquette. She teaches you how to stand out in any environment. From the boardroom to the White House. In this powerful message Liana dispels the belief that sophistication and class can’t be taught.

Prepare to learn:

• The secret to looking like a million dollars
• How to magically open doors wearing the right clothes
• How to sell yourself without saying a word.
• How to dress specifically for your body type.
Remember: You don’t have to be a millionaire to show up like one.

Dollars and Sense 
In this training your team will learn how to authentically appeal to consumers by selling from a place of integrity and honesty.
This process is called: “Education Based Training” it’s highly impactful
in creating repeat business and gaining deeper rapport. It takes a phycological approach to understanding each client and their purchasing patterns, based on their lifestyle.

Your team will learn:
• How to build rapport and cultivate long term relationships
• How to be honest with customers while increasing sales!
• How to suggest new items that are perfect for the consumer.
• How to build customer loyalty in 1 visit!

Using Image Therapy™, the unique process developed by world renowned lecturer and image therapist, Liana Chaouli, clients discover their authentic self... their “Inner Essence” and how to reflect this truth in what they wear. They establish their own unique Essential Formula™ which guides them in dressing and presenting themselves authentically.
Past Events Include: 
  • Corporate Events
  • Womens Conferences
  • CEO Development 
  • Bridal Conferences
Check out Liana in Action!